The trip was fabulous and everything ran very smoothly.

I appreciate all your help and thank you so much for the lovely sparkling wine and snacks. They were fantastic.

The trip was great. The following gives some details:

Commodore Hotel in Cape Town- location and hotel were fantastic. The breakfast was probably one of the best that we experienced. Rooms were clean and spacious. I could not have asked for more.

The Insika Guest House in Zimbabwe – this guest house was beautiful. The grounds were spectacular, beautiful gardens and a lovely pool. A little far from the falls however the transportation was great.

I liked the river cruise however it got dark so early that you really didnt see much of it. It was fine however not the right time of year for that. The elephant sanctuary was just okay. It was a nice experience but not sure if that was worth it as well.

The two safari places-

Simbavati Lodge and Chobe Game Lodge. Both were very good and also very different. Simbavati was smaller and more intimate. Food was always great and people were very friendly.

Chobe Game Lodge was much bigger and elaborate. They catered to your every need and due to its size were very flexible with everything. Both accommodations I would highly recommend. In Chobe in addition to the land safari, they also took you on boat rides allowing you to see more animals by the river.

At Simbavati, the guides were more willing to chase the animals, which made it more fun. We saw 4 of the big 5 there, excluding Buffalo. In addition we saw many zebras, giraffes and warthogs. At Chobe, the guides were more structured, they were less willing to go off the path. In Chobe, we saw 3 of the big 5. We did not see Rhinos or Leopards. They said that Rhinos are not in that area at all. Also funny enough no zebra. We did see hippos and crocodiles by the river.

As noted, they were very different but both great experiences.

The transfers were terrific and the guide in Cape Town was fantastic.

Thank you again for planning a fabulous trip.

Ms Doelger
(Travelled June 2024)