These majestic and breathtaking islands are home to 115 granite and coral islands, each with its own natural beauty.


Scattered across the Indian Ocean lies these beautiful emerald green islands full of lush natural tropical rainforests and majestic clear blue water. Two of these natural islands have been named UNESCO World Heritage Sites and for good reason.

Three of the most popular holiday islands are that of Mahé, La Digue and Praslin.

Mahé is the largest island in size and population, with a dramatic mountainous interior, rich old growth rainforest and enough bays and coves to keep you beach hopping for months. Praslin is peaceful and sublime, ringed with white sands and calm turquoise seas, and sprinkled with just a handful of small villages. La Digue is an island that time forgot, picture postcard beaches and slow motion.

These granitic islands are home to about 75 endemic plant species, some of the largest seabird colonies in the world and the Aldabra giant tortoise which populates many of the islands.

The well-known Coco de Mer, a palm species that grow only on the islands of Praslin and Curieuse. Sometimes nicknamed the “love nut” because of the shape of its fruit which, with the husk removed, presents a “double” coconut resembling buttocks, the Coco de Mer produces the world’s heaviest seed pods.


Seychelles promises adventure in untouched natural beauty due to its environmental legislation. Each tourism project needs to undergo a lengthy process of consultations with the public and conservationists, thus making Seychelles a world leader in sustainable tourism.

Seychelles holidays guarantees the feeling of rejuvenation, relaxation and the appreciation of natural beauty. Enquire about our Seychelles Holiday Packages, which include honeymoon, romance, family fun, and relaxation options. Add on one of the Seychelles tours for a little bit of adventure with the locals.

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