What kind of experience are you looking for?

To help you choose a destination or experience, we have created a few sample itineraries.

Wellness Retreat

Need a break from the day-to-day stresses, or a place to discover yourself, relax and unwind? There are many wellness retreats which offer exactly that, from yoga and wellness retreats to a weekend away where you get pampered the minute you arrive to the day you depart.


On the Mauritian south coast lies a tranquil and beautiful resort encompassing 35 acres of tropical gardens and pristine white sands, Shanti Maurice. Shanti Maurice is a world-class Nira Spa which combines age-old regimes with contemporary international treatments for revitalised senses and spiritual awakening.

Here each experienced therapist will help you take control of your body in order to de-stress, detoxify and rebalance, and also offer lectures and classes for a fresh approach to long lasting health. An extensive leisure programme invites you to pursue activities as diverse as cooking classes, water sports, jogging, yoga and finger painting, among others. Boat tours and excursions further afield are also easily arranged.

Contact a Travel Specialist and let us create your Mauritius holiday package.

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One wouldn’t imagine Zanzibar to be your typical wellness island, however, it most certainly is. The breeze of the ocean along with magical feelings and smells, fresh wholesome fruit, and pure of heart hospitality, is the perfect start of a ‘change your mindset’ holiday one needs from time to time.

A great health conscious Zanzibar holiday package includes Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort. It has unforgettable scenery, modern and traditional facilities and a spa programme to suit your desired wellness requirements.

Their philosophy lies on treatments and activities which produce wellness, relaxation and balance of body and mind including first class service and personal attention.
This is the ideal environment to spend a dream holiday, discovering what lies beyond the typical barriers imposed by our civilisation surrounding us every day, duties and responsibilities that sometimes we feel the need to run from.

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Alternatively, wellness retreats may also be beautiful accommodation, fine cuisine, outdoor spas and great hospitality, tucked away in a unique location providing peace and quiet from city lights and urban living. Lie poolside of a beautiful retreat whilst taking in the breathtaking views of the surroundings, drinking local (non-alcoholic) beverages and homegrown fresh food and veggies. Nature is a healer in itself….maybe combine that with a South African safari holiday.

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