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History and Culture

If history and learning about the various cultures Africa has to offer, then South Africa or Mozambique is your answer.

South Africa

Holidays in South Africa is much more than just a fun-filled adventurous holiday, it can be educational too. Historical and cultural tours are the perfect way to learn about a country’s past (and present), and even though South Africa may be young at heart, it is rich in culture and history.

Fun Fact – South Africa has 11 Official Languages.

History and culture tours are not only for history enthusiasts, but for anyone with a keen yearning to know more about South Africa’s interesting past and complex history and culture which makes South Africa what it is today.

Why not start at the very beginning with a visit to the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site where the famous skull of Mrs Ples was found.

From there make your way to the Mphebatho Museum in Soulspoort (on the border of the Pilanesberg Game Reserve) and find out more about the Bakgatla-ba-Kgafela traditions.

History and culture pre- and post-tours in Limpopo province may include a visit to the famous Modjadji Cycad Reserve – where you will hear all about the legendary Rain Queen of Lobedu. For something a little different make your way to Thohoyandou where the Venda people live and investigate local traditions such as the domba (snake) dance and the myths and legends of Lake Fundudzi and the Vondo Forest (both sacred sites). You could also combine this with a safari experience.

KwaZulu-Natal is the heart of the Zulu Kingdom, and guided tours offer insights into Zulu culture, this includes reanactments of the Zula-Boer War where King Chaka Zulu defeated the British. The province is also home to the largest Indian population outside of India, so visit Grey Street in Durban and learn about the local Indian community. Make sure you try out the famous Durban ‘bunny chow’ while you’re at it.

History and culture activities in the Northern Cape will expose visitors to ancient San culture and traditions, including Bushmen Rock Art, and the various aspects of Basotho culture are worth exploring when visiting the Free State province. The Basotho Cultural Village in the Eastern Free State is one of the finest cultural villages in the country. For a little bit of fun, and if in season, the Northern Cape also boasts the famous Wild Flower display in Namaqualand.

The Eastern Cape is the heart of Xhosa culture and this province is known for its struggle history – which is not surprising as Nelson Mandela was born here. The Western Cape offers a wealth of opportunity for history and culture lovers – visit the Castle of Good Hope, Robben Island, the District Six Museum or the Bo-Kaap Museum… and that’s just on day one.

History and culture tours offer so much for the traveller seeking a deeper insight into modern-day South Africa.

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One of the most ancient settlements in Mozambique, after Ilha de Mozambique lies on Ibo Island – experience a guided journey recounting the history of Ibo, and introducing Ibo Island of yesterday.

In 1498, Vasco de Gama sailed around the Cape of Goodhope in South Africa and landed in Mozambique. Here he marked the Portuguese entry into trade, politics and society of the region in Mozambique. The main trading centre between was on Quirimba Island to the south of Ibo. Trading throughout the Quirimbas Islands was in amber, jet, ivory, turtle shell and people.

Old forts and ancient romantic buildings are full of intriguing stories and legends. Crumbling colonial homes and elegant architecture dating back to the 1500’s, all have a page in Ibo’s history book. Portuguese traders were also interested in finding gold therefore the country has a rich influence of Portuguese heritage.

Ibo Island Lodge offers it’s hugely popular ‘Ibo of Today’ experience complimentary for every guest. Discover a fascinating blend of people, and embark on a personal discovery of people, culture and beliefs, all indelibly intertwined. Get the chance to interact with the friendly people of Ibo and understand the unique and traditional culture in Mozambique. Discover how Muslim and African traditions have blended to create a way of life unique to Ibo. Visit the local witch doctor, meet some of the islanders, get an “Ibo face-mask” or enjoy a game of football.

Mozambique’s history has ensured that cultures have met and mingled. The people of Ibo are a blend of European, Indian, Arabic and Chinese. In addition to this, old Mozambique tribal customs and tribal religions are still respected and followed on the island. All this creating an explosive way of life, completely unique to Ibo Island.

Contact a Travel Specialist and create your own historical Mozambique holiday package.

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