Maldives is a great place to visit and is still as beautiful as it was years ago…just with a few more luxury resort islands.

Getting There…The Affordable Way

Nowadays it is easy to get to the Maldives and in some cases, even affordable. Say goodbye to spending thousands of dollars on flight and book with the new low cost airline TigerAir which flies directly from Singapore.

Opt for a speedboat ride instead of a seaplane to your luxury resort or travel with the locals on a ferry. Use the extra money on experiences such as snorkeling or sunset cruises.


Blue Ocean Speculations

The old story goes that the further the resort, the bluer or most intense the ocean and coral is. That is an old wives tale….the water at a resort 10 minutes away by speedboat, is just as blue, crystal clear and magnificent as that of a resort 30 minutes away by seaplane. Maldives is beautiful everywhere and you would most certainly not miss out on anything if you stay at a closer resort to the capital island, Malé.

Panoramic views from your bungalow of the pristine turquoise water makes you feel at peace. A great way to unwind, relax and enjoy the calm and beauty of nature.

Pristine Beaches, Turquoise Waters

Disappearing Islands – Truth?

The Maldives is the lowest country in the world and its highest natural ground level is only 2.4 metres above sea level? Every year it sinks more. People speculate that one day the Maldives will totally disappear, but this will take millions of years, either way it’s a good reason to visit.

String of Atolls

Under the Sea

Not only is the water crystal clear, calm and warm, it has endless rows of coral. Marine life is in abundance and swimming in the water ensures you are surrounded by friendly tropical fish, even when you jump from your bungalow straight into the water.

The coral reefs are slowly fading in colour due to global warming and human activity therefore you would need to go out to a designated snorkeling or scuba diving spot for a greater coral and underwater marine life experience. Having said this, you can stay at any resort and travel to great snorkeling or dive spots, as all resorts tend to do this.

Tiny reef sharks are also amongst the coral reefs therefore if you see them, do not panic, they more afraid of you than you of them. Most resorts have a special feeding programme for these sharks therefore if you prefer viewing them out the water, ask your resort for more details. Its rather an amazing thing to see.

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Some Important Facts

1. The Maldives is a Muslim country and their laws are enforced strictly in the capital Malé, which isn’t very tourist friendly. If you’re heading there, females have to cover their elbows. You really don’t want to go to Malé though; it’s a chaotic mess. Unfortunately it’s not a beautiful type of chaos like Bangkok. It’s just urgh, chaos.

2. Head out to the surrounding islands near Malé, where the strict laws seem non-existent as these islands cater to tourists. People can dress liberally at the beach resorts.

3. Make sure to have some USD on hand, as that’s the default foreign currency accepted besides the local rufiyaa. Things at the airport can be very expensive; Burger King meals costs 11 USD.

So go ahead contact a Travel Specialist. Everyone deserves to visit the Maldives at least once in their lifetime.
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