I cannot say enough positive things about working with Natalie. She helped plan our honeymoon in July/August 2018, and though it sounds cliche, it was truly the trip of a lifetime. Despite traveling often, I had never used a travel agent before. I opted for the help as I knew nothing about traveling in Africa, and I was balancing work and a wedding.

Natalie thought of every detail and made the entire process stress-free. Not only did she work within our budget, but gave us options for each piece of the trip so we could see where we wanted to spend and where we wanted to splurge. Each location we arrived at had a special surprise waiting for us, no doubt because of their positive working relationship with Natalie and her kindness in informing them we would be arriving and celebrating.

Our trip included a safari, city time, wine country, and the beach, and she was knowledgeable in every area. It was so comforting knowing someone else was confirming all of our details so we were just able to relax and enjoy the trip!

Camps Bay Beach

Camps Bay Beach

Thank you, Natalie, for creating our dream honeymoon!

Safari Leopard