Firstly, we send our best wishes for the holidays. We appreciate all of you efforts which made our time in Africa a trip of a lifetime. All of the three legs of the trip presented us with their own unique experiences and we were not disappointed by any
of them.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Cape Town, and found the restaurant scene to be superb. Additionally, our touring around the city was thoroughly enjoyable. We were more than satisfied with our accommodations at the Kensington Place. Hope was not only quite hospitable but a pleasure to talk to and interact with. She let us know from the time that we checked in that all we had to do was to let her know if there was anything special that we needed. She and her staff made our stay at the Kensington not only comfortable but also seamless. We would not hesitate to stay there again, and would highly recommend it to any of your other clients.

Likewise our stay at the Inyati Lodge was extremely accommodating, with all of the staff doing their utmost to make us comfortable. Our actual lodgings were quite comfortable, clean and well appointed. The two safaris a day were just the right mix for us. The guide and tracker, Diff and Roger, were totally knowledgeable of the environment and the likely opportunities as to where the best routes were in order for us to see as many species as possible. We cannot adequately describe the thrill of seeing such majestic beings in their natural habitat.

At Ngoma, we again were quite pleased with our accommodations. We even had an early morning visit on our porch from a pack of baboons and their babies. The staff here again emphasized that if there was anything we desired or needed to make sure that we let them know. All of them made us feel like their special guests, and were beyond friendly. We must give special thanks and a tip of the hat to our driver and guide, Jo.

It is important to note that at both lodges, our safety came first. They both made it plain that between dawn and dusk we were not to be out walking on our own. Anywhere we wanted to go (for instance, after dinner, going back to our room) we were accompanied by a companion guide from the lodges.

At both lodges we were quite pleased to see many different species of animals. If we had to compare the two experiences, the only noticeable differences seemed to us that at the Chobe reserve around Ngoma that the individual packs of the specific animals seemed to be larger. Also at Ngoma, we were very near to Namibia and the animals traversed back and forth between the two countries.

Also, at Ngoma, our guide Jo specially took Bev and I to see his home village and meet his family. Upon leaving for the airport Peter went out of his way to thank us, and even gave us some parting gifts to remember them by. This was quite heart warming and brought tears to Bev’s eyes.

Both Bev and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to you for putting together this complicated trip which we will never forget. Your planning and follow up were both meticulous and knowledgeable. It kept us at ease during our unforgettable journey that obviously all bases were covered, particularly never having visited Africa before.

Thank you again for all of your efforts.

Best regards,

Jerry and Bev (December 2019)

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