We have talked up our trip to so many of our friends who followed us on Facebook and loved the pictures.  They were amazed at just how much we accomplished during our 18 days “on the road”.

While, you weren’t involved Zurich was as wonderful time with our guide who really took care of us and help to make a fourteen hour layover, seem so much shorter.

Then on to Johannesburg for a few days and again our accommodations were first class and our pre-arranged tours really brought home just what was going on in South Africa “within our own lifetimes”.   What a wake up call for us.  Dining was first class as well.

Next, on to Cape Town where once again we were met at the airport as we were in Johannesburg and swiped away to a place that only the “Rich and Famous” visit.  Delaire Graff Lodge is clearly a place to go if you wish to be catered too, pampered and made to feel like someone “very” special.  The “Lodges” were unbelievable, getting up every morning walking out on your private deck, jumping into your private pool, which overlooks beautiful vineyards and the most spectacular mountain range, which is how we started our days.  Arriving in the dining area you were tempted with an unbelievable selections of food for break, lunch and/or dinner.  O, yes and of course you got your morning itinerary personalized with your names and many wonderful suggestions for things to do for the day.  Of course, you never had to make reservations for dinner, that was done for you at a number of very fine restaurant…of course the choice was always up to you.  Just think about spending a day wine tasting or involved in another adventure in the immediate area and arriving back to “The Lodge” and having the wonderful folks working the front desk get up, stop what they are doing and come to you, to greet you and ask you how your day went and was there anything else they could do for you.  Finally, everyday at 5 pm, the guest would assemble out by the pool and enjoy cocktails and a bit of food.  What a wonder way to watch the sunset and enjoy your “sundowner”.

Picture: Delaire Graff Spa Terrace

Not wanting to leave that wonderful environment but knowing what lay ahead, we were driven back to Cape Town Airport, board a plane for what was probably the most amazing three days of our lives.  After landing in what I would call a very small airport, being met by our driver and taken for an hour and half into the back country, we arrived at Dulini Lodges.  It was like something out of National Geographic.  I can’t possibly describe in detail the true adventure we experience, but would share that those three days and what we saw, took pictures of and experienced will forever live in our minds as something we would wish everyone could experience.  You were truly in the bush and you quickly realized you were the visitor in the domain of the wild animals which called this place “their” home.  Getting up every morning at 5 am, to prepare for the first drive of the day became our routine and something we couldn’t wait to do.  The afternoon drive was just as exciting and was always filled with surprises.  We got to see what is called the Big 5 in the animal kingdom and every time we thought we saw it all, there was more.  Our guide and tracker were so professional and helped us to understand the environment we were in and all of the do’s and don’ts so that our individual experience was totally maxed out.

We left the Dulini Lodge and returned to the airport, a bit sad to have to leave, but with the knowledge and satisfaction that we had experienced something that we will remember and the rest of our lives.

Suite at Dulini Safari Lodge, Sabi Sand Game Reserve

We arrived back in Cape Town and of course, were met at the airport by our wonderful driver, who then took us to our hotel.  Our Hotel was located just outside of Cape Town and faced the ocean with beautiful mountain views behind the hotel.  We spent six days at the resort, sightseeing, exploring and taking in all that Cape Town and South Africa had to offer.  I would be remiss if I didn’t say just how incredible our dining experience was while we were there.  Thanks to Natalie and her wonderful staff, we got to experience the number one rated restaurant in all of South Africa call “The Test Kitchen”.  Just so you understand this restaurant only takes reservations once a quarter and they usually filled all of the open reservations for that quarter with minutes.  Very, very difficult to get into, but thanks to our wonderful “Travel Advisor”, Natalie, made it happen.

While, our eighteen days were filled with so many different sights, experiences and wonderment, we will never forget the beauty and our experiences in South Africa and always remember one special lady that made it all happen.

Thank you